Yay for Birthdays!!

I'm just saying it sucks to have to spend your birthday studying for a test. Thank the gods that I'm celebrating it with friends this Friday. Hope to see you there.


Everything iz okayz!

So, the surgery and the procedure all went okay. I feel partially human again. I think I've slept more in the last week than a new born. Hopefully that means I will have the strength and courage to finish out the quarter. I didn't think that going back to school would be so hard. *sigh* Well at least I'm not in so much pain any more. I'm looking forward to going back to LA for Yule and starting a new quarter, not to mention I have some good things that have come in to my life.


This morning I got up with my partner, which is so unusual, I normally lounge around in bed till I'm fully awake and have the courage to face the day, or energy. I'm not really sure which one it is. However I got up bright eyed and bushy tailed and we went out for coffee before I took him to work, again very unusual. We were talking on the drive to work and he said one of the kindest things a guy could have said to me. Okay now the back story. My dad had a friend that would have conversations with him and then after some time had past days, weeks, even years when they met each other again his friend would pick the conversation up right where they had previously left it, as if no time had past. My dad saw this as a mark of natural high intelligence. A few months ago I told my partner that he had a similar conversational quality as to my dads friend. This morning my partner told me that I in fact had that same conversational quality. I felt tickled pink. Here was this quality that I had admired all these years and it really was just staring me back in the mirror. I supose most people don't recognize their own qualities and strengths. If that isn't backwards thinking I don't know what is. Well possibly the blond that wants to be a brunette... story. Your never happy with what you have, or always want something else.